Martinetto's Group

Remmert S.p.A is a subsidiary of Martinetto, which is also the parent company of FILMAR srl, the MABIEL srl, the Nastrificio Veneto.

Martinetto, with sales revenues of almost 20 million Euros, is the greatest Italian company in the field of fabric tape: products range from medical gauze to harnesses for lifting heavy and bulky loads to the most fashionable ribbons adorning the garments of the most famous fashion griffes.

Filmar occupies a leading position in the production of curtain tapes. On the market since 1961, today, Filmar’s annual output covers about 50% of Italian demand. In the last few years, it has also been operating in the health care sector and has acquired some of the largest multinational pharmaceutical companies as customers.

Mabiel, a leader in the field of technical tapes, operates in the automotive sector.

The Nastrificio Veneto, established in the 2000, finds its field of application in the pre-made waistband for trousers and since the 2008 is also involved in the production of the COMFORT tape together with the English partner PROFIT SERVICE.